11 young men from Jerusalem start a hunger strike as a sympathy with the prisoners in the Israeli prisons
December 22, 2012

The young men are Ahmad Qarain, Mousa al Abassi, Bashar al Mashni, Dahud Abu Labde, Fadi Marag'a, Samer Abu Eisha, Jihad al Khatib, Hussam Dandis, Ahmad al Ja'ba, Yassin Sbeh and Hani al Asouli

They set 2 solidarity tents in the center of the Red Cross in al Sheikh Jarrah Jerusalem and they named the tents "Tent of the Yarmuk" and the "Tent of Nahr al Bared" as a references to the Palestinian refugee camps, especially those who are sleeping in the cold assuring they will return to their lands
The men asked from the International Organizations to push the Israeli government to save the lives of the prisoners who has been striking over food for the last few months before it is too late, they mentioned 6 prisoners: Samer al Essawi, Ayman Sharawne, Tarek Ka'dan, Yousef Sha'ban and Ja'far Eiz al Din, that are suffering from a bad health situation
They asked the locals of Jerusalem to move and to participate in the activities for the prisoners to encourage them, they condemned the role of the "Observer" of the International right organizations when it comes to the Palestinian prisoners by saying :" The prisoners are isolated and there is no practical pressure on Israel to treat them as War Prisoners until they are released"
As for the reason they chose to strike over the food they explained that it is the best way to feel closer to them and encourage them not to break

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