Red Cross centre in East Jerusalem surrounded by Israeli forces
December 22, 2012

Israeli forces surrounded the Red Cross Centre in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem on the 23rd December after a solidarity march took place in the area for hunger striking prisoners. The march ended in the solidarity tent.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Centre has said that forces surrounded the centre for an hour and took IDs, phone numbers and car number plates when activists went to leave the area.
There are ten people staying in the solidarity tent who are also hunger striking in solidarity with prisoners. They have named the 2 tents in the area 'The Yarmook' and Naher al Bared.'
The Information Center has explained that the young Hussam Dandis and Ahmad al Ja'ba have been striking for 6 days already , Yassin Sbeh and Jihad al Khatib for  four days and the rest for 2 days, their names are: Samer Abu Eisha, Fadi Marag'a, Bashar al Mashni, Mousa al Abassi and Hani al Assouli while Dahud Abu Libde started today.

اضراب عن ال