Sheikh Mousa Odeh released
December 27, 2012

Prisoner Al Sheikh Mousa Odeh (54) has been released by the authorities at Beer Al Sabea prison, after having his sentence reduced by a third for good behaviour.
Mousa turned himself in on the 18th November 2012 after he was accused of throwing stones and attacking police in Silwan.
Locals in Silwan welcomed Odeh home to the area. His family and friends carried him back into the city alongside Palestinian and Islamic flags.
Sheikh Mousa al Abassi from al Bustan area is a father to children, aged 12 to 28. Three of his children have been arrested and his son Muslim Odeh has been investigated and arrested many times. His house is under threat of demolition currently.

الشيخ موسى استبقال

الشيخ موسى سلوان

الشيخ موسى عودة

الشيخ موسى عودة 2

الشيخ موسى عودة 3

الشيخ موسى عودة وابنته

الشيخ موسى عودة والحاجة

موسى عودة وابراهيم

موسى عودة ومسلم