Settlers attack teenager in Silwan
December 28, 2012

Four settlers attacked 17 year old teenager Abed al Salam Wisam al Kaimari on 26th December whilst he was walking through Wadi al Rabade in Silwan.

Al Kaimari has told the Wadi Hilweh Information centre that he was then treated in Hadasa al Essawiye hosptial. He explained that he was going home after visiting his uncle's house in Beer Ayoub and was with his eight year old brother.
Whilst he cycled with his brother alongside him four settlers ran towards the pair and attempted to take his bike. When Kaimari refused to hand over the bike the settlers sprayed him, beat him and then threw him down a hill.
He explained: " My brother started crying from the fear but they didn't attack him"
He described the settlers as wearing regular clothes and a Kippa on their heads.
Three young men then called for help and when the ambulance came he was transferred to the hospital.
He said that 10 days ago he had a fight with 2 settlers in the Damascus gate and he was arrested for one day and then put under 3 days of house arrest.

عبد السلام القيمري

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