Demolition warrants and car fines delivered in Silwan
December 26, 2012

Jerusalem municipality staff accompanied Israeli forces into Silwan on Tuesday morning to deliver demolition warrants to a few of the houses claiming they have no permits.Fines were also delivered to cars.

Ein al Lawza area...
At Ein al Lawza Israeli forces and the municipality raided the building of the citizen  Sami Khader al Rajabi claiming that he does not have a permit for the building. It is a 2 apartments building where Sami and his family lives in it (6 people) and the second apartment belongs to his son and his 4 family members.
The family told the Information Center of Wadi Hilwe that they built the second floor 5 months ago and last month they received the demolition warrant. The lawyer succeeded in delaying the demolition and they were fined 200,000 NIS. However, they have now received a warrant saying that the house will be demolished in less than 24 hours.
Fares al Rajabi said that the first floor was built 9 years ago and is rented to a pharmacy. He has already paid a fine of 65,000 NIS for the building whilst trying to get a license.
The municipality also raided Abu Tayeh's store for materials. They took pictures and told him that it will be demolished in a short while.
It is the second time this month that they have raided it. The Abu Tayeh family said it was build from Zinko 4 years ago and the family have already paid a 40,000 NIS fine.
Wadi Hilwe area
Drivers were handed 250 NIS each) in Wadi Hilweh area of Silwan, although no fines were given to the cars that belongs to the settlers. Israeli authorities claimed that the settlers have a special permit. Photos were also taken of The Information Center from the outside.
The Boustan area
Four demolition warratns have also been issued in the Boustan area of Silwan. The families have been given 30 days before demolition, according to Fakhri Abu Diab from the Defending the Land committee in Silwan.

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