Preventing Families From Shoufat Visiting Their sons for a Month
February 4, 2013

Today the Administration of Gilboa's prison prevented the families of prisoners from Shoufat to visiting their sons. These are the families of: Amir and Hamza al Dabas and Ahmad Sanduka.

The families knew from other families who were able to visit their sons that al Dabas and Sanduka are being punished. Their rights to visits will be withheld for an entire month after they were attacked in 27/1/13, according to Amir al Dabas's father. On that day a total of 9 prisoners (Ayman Da'ajne, Amir al Dabas, Hamza al Dabas, Ahmad Shehade, Muhammad al G'azawi, Haitham al Tartir, Ahmad al Tawil, Malek Mheisen and Ahmad Sanduka - aged between 15-19 years) were attacked because they refused to be presented to the Main court in Jerusalem; when the prisoners reached the court, they were turned back with the claim that the prosecution lawyer was sick.
Amir al Dabas' father added, according to his information from other families, that during the attack on prisoners by prison forces, the youngest one (Ayman Daajne, 15 years old) lost consciousness. Following this the administration prevented their families to visit them they were separated into different prisons.