The 5th Day of the Current Israeli Operation: Demolition Warrants, 11 Arrests and Tickets
February 4, 2013

Today the Jerusalem Municipality handed out demolition warrants in Silwan, arrested 11 citizens and ticketed many of the cars. This is the 5th day of this current Israeli campaign.
Wadi Hilwe Information Center said the Israeli police set borders alongside the National Insurance and the Tax authorities in Wadi al Rababe, Ein Lawze, Beer Ayoub, Wadi Hilwe, Al Abassiye, Samer Sarhan's street and the Ein area. This way they managed to stop most of the cars, giving them fines between 250 and 1000 NIS Simultaneously Municipality of Jerusalem accompanied by the Israeli forces raided houses and gave away demolition warrants. They claimed the buildings had been done without permits. From Wadi Hilwe, families of Siyam, Abu Aram and al Yatawi were given these warrants; al Yatawi family were also warned to demolish their house by next Monday. Meanwhile in Beer Ayoub whilst Hamoude and Dahud Siyam, Walid and al Razak Siyam  were given warrants for their houses in Beer Ayoub. The forces raided also the house of Samy Khader al Rajabi in Ein al Lawza and took pictures  and measurements of the second floor which makes up 2 homes. The forces raided many other houses in Beer Ayoub, al Abassiye, Ein al Lawza and Wadi Hilwe, giving the young people investigation warrants, such as Dahud Rayan. They raided and searched 2 houses of the Zeer family. Khaled al Zeer said the forces searched the 2 houses claiming to be looking for his brother, Fahmi, even though he has been under arrest for 3 years. After damaging some of his furniture and searching all the rooms, they left. However then returned a short while later with an investigation warrant under the name of Fares. They came back again in tge evening and raided the house for the 3rd time. They also raided the house of Abu Nab's family after arresting one of their sons at dawn. In the evening they raided the house of Muhammad Hani Siyam and arrested him. Extending Arrests The lawyer of the al Dameer organization, Muhammad Mahmood, said the Magistrate court extended the arrest of 3 men taken at dawn. 18-year-old Ilyas al A'war's arrest has been extended until the 5th of February. While Luai Abu Nab and 18-year-old Wasim Bader will be under arrest until the 7th of February. The Information Center revealed the police extended the arrest of several citizents arrested today. Emad al Abassi (26), Ayed al Abassi, Sarhan Sarhan (26), Muhammad Odeh (30) , Mahmood Abu Nab and Maher al Rajabi (14) will all now be presented to the court tomorrow. The Information Center revealed the Israeli police arrested 16-year-old Omar a A'war during his morning prayers at the mosque. They claimed he was breaking his house arrest; after holding him in Al Kishla station in the Old City and checking his ID card, he was released as his house arrest apparently  ended a long time ago.  The Nature and Parks Authorities In Wadi Hilwe the workers of the Nature and Parks Authority gave a 700 NIS ticket to Nabil al Banna, accusing him of throwing trash on the ground. He responded with the explanation: "A group of the settlers took the trash cans in Silwan in front of our house, and there is no where else to through the trash; the authority fined me because I have a sign of Wadi Hilwe's Information Center above my housedoor." Releases: Lawyer Muhammad Mahmood said the police released Zakariya Abu Nab, Rami Geth, Muad Shayukhi and Muhammad Raed al Kaymari (19) without any conditions after their 4 day arrest. The judge of the Magistrate court gave release to Musab Shayukhi on the conditions of a 2500 NIS bail and a 5-day house arrest. He wasn't released because his family couldn't pay the bail. Mutaz al Rajabi was released with the conditions of a 250 NIS bail and a 10-day house arrest.

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