Jerusalem's Main Court Agrees to Release Ali Khalil Abu al Hawa Following 8 Month Imprisonment
February 5, 2013

Jerusalem's Main Court Agrees to Release Ali Khalil Abu al Hawa Following 8 Month Imprisonment
Ali Khallil Abu al Hawa (aged 20 years) was arrested on the 15th of March last year following a raid on his home in al Toor. He was charged with throwing stones, molotov cocktails and setting settlers cars on fire. After spending 2 and a half months in the Israeli prisons al Maskubiye and Askalan, the court agreed to give him bail on the conditions of no internet usage and only having phonecalls with a maximum length of 8 minutes. He is also required to wear an electronic tag.
His Father told the Wadi Hilwe Information Center that the court agreed to release his son on a 10,000 NIS bail out, as well signatures of 5 other people bailed at 25,000 NIS. Another condition set was the requirement to stay in a Jewish area under house arrest from 5pm until 6am. Only recently they agreed that he will be allowed back to Al Toor but still under night house arrest and he must serve a 6 month period.
His father said: "We had a hard time finding a Jewish area. We rented a house in Rahavya because it is close to his work, even though Palestinians cannot rent houses there. The person in charge had to apply for the apartment under his name own name. While staying there the last few months we faced other problems such as neighbours looking at as as if we were terrorists and trying to make us leave."
Many costs fell on the family because of this ruling too. The rent in these areas are really high; the apartment was hardly 30 acres and almost 6000 NIS per month.
"During the last months I didn't only have to walk to Rahavya but also slept there, something that damaged the unity of the family." says father of Ali Abu.
As for Ali Abu al Hawa, he asks: "They sentenced me claiming that I am a threat to the security of the country; how come they decided I should stay in a Jewish neighborhood - is it logical?"

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