The Demolition of Kastiro's house in Bet Hanina
February 5, 2013

Israeli bulldozers have demolished ahouse that belongs to the Kastiro family in Hanina, claiming that they do not have a permit.

At 9:30 the Israeli police surrounded the area of Wa'er Abu Salah in Bet Hanina Northern Jerusalem, preventing residents from getting close. They evacuated a 2 floor building that belongs to Kastiro's family and then gave the green light to demolish it.

Nour Kastiro told the Wadi Hilwe Information Center that they were surprised by the raid especially as there was no warrant for the demolition. The family were in the process of getting a permit. There are 4 houses in this building, each one is 200 Acres, 45 people lives in it and it belongs to Haj Salah Kastiro and his sons; Saleh, Afif and Ayman. The first floor was built in 2001, the second in 2005 and they were fined by the municipality for the second floor, 200,000 NIS. During the clearing out of the houses confrontation started between the forces and the family after the forces pushed children and the women. They also threw furniture from the windows.

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