Dozens injured in al Essawiye, Anata, Shoufat camp and Qalandia; 1 young man arrested
February 9, 2013

The incidents took place on Friday with injuries including suffocation from tear gas and wounds from rubber bullets. This occured during confrontations in a few areas and villages with the Israeli military.
Al Essawiye: arrest, injuries, suppressing marches
30-year-old Alaa Abu Reyala was arrested during confrontations with Israeli military. These took place during the solidarity march for the prisoner Samer al Essawi who has been on hunger strike for 200 days.
Eye witnesses told Wadi Hilwe's information Centre that the march started in the afternoon from the Arbain Mosque located in the centre of Essawiye. When the march reached the entrance of al Essawiye the forces fired rubber bullets, sound and gas bombs in attempts to break it up. They then chased the youth until they reached the middle of the village, near Samer al Essawi's house.
Forces also demolished Samer al Essawi's solidarity tent for the 20th time. They confiscated the materials sparking reactions from the youth in the form of stones, rubber bullets and Molotov cocktails which they threw at the military.
During the confrontation, Ahmad Siyam, the photographer of Silwanic's website, was injured. An 8-year-old and 11 other young men were also injured by rubber bullets. According to the AID, injuries were in the face, knees, arm, hand and chest.
In the evening, after forces withdrew , locals rebuilt the solidarity tent, cementing their right to build it on their land.
Shoufat Camp: injuries
Roads were closed during aggressive confrontations between Israeli forces and youth. As the youth threw stones, forces shot gas bombs which injured dozens. A further 2 were injured from rubber bullets which hit their backs.
Anata village: road closure
North of Jerusalem confrontations started at Anata's crossroad in which locals shut down the main road leading to Ramallah and Jericho. Demonstrators had tear gas fired at them by Israeli forces.
Qalandia's border
Confrontations started in the northern Qalandia border in Jerusalem. The forces used gas bombs and rubber bullets to suppress the demonstrators leading to dozens of injuries.
The AID's report
Medical sources show the following injuries:
Al Essawiye: Dozens of injuries from rubber bullets in the face, knee, arm and chest.
Qalandia's border: Dozens of suffocation cases; rubber bullets in the legs.
Shoufat's camp: Dozens of suffocation cases; rubber bullets in the back which were treated immediately.
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