Jerusalem citizen arrested after his house is raided
February 7, 2013

Israeli forces have arrested Jerusalem resident Maher Ramadan after raiding his house in al Abassiye, Silwan.  They searched its content and the staff of the Nature and Parks authority confiscated birds and turtles from the house.

Maher's sister told the Wadi Hilwe Information Center that the Israeli forces came with police dogs and raided the house around 9:30 in the morning while they were asleep. They did not show search warrants before they entered the house and searched all the rooms, kitchen, restroom and electricity divides. Furniture was damaged.

During the raid his wife was threatened with a weapon because she challenged  dogs in the house. Her 4 year old daughter is recovering from surgery for kidney operation. Her medication was thrown on the floor during the raid.

The forces searched the garden as well. They confiscated birds, sheep and turtles , after the searching he was arrested for investigation until Thursday.

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