Arrests and releases
February 14, 2013

The Israeli court and the Main court extended on Thursday the arrest of 5 people from Jerusalem-Silwan

Muhammad Mahmood the lawyer from al Dameer organization said that the Main court extended the arrest of Muhammad Mousa Odeh (23) until next Tuesday, saying that the prosecution presented during today's hearing a list of charges against him even though he was arrested since 27.1.13 and was investigated in al Maskubiye's cells

 He adds that the Magistrate court extended the arrest of Fatthi Naser and Hussein Alkam until next Monday for investigations

 As well the two 17 years old Amer Zidani and Mahmood Sarhan were presented to court and a list of charges was presented against them such as throwing fireworks and threatening the lives of the settlers in Silwan

 Zidani's family

The Zidani family told Wadi Hilwe's Information Center that her son was arrested this year, he was investigated in Room #4 in al Maskubiye and last week he was transferred to al Maskubiye's cells to make him confess, his lawyer and doctor weren't allowed to visit him, even though his health situation is not doing good, he was transferred 3 days ago to al Ramleh and stayed there until he was presented to court today

The family complained about the lack of services that they get from the Red Cross and the Human rights and Children's rights, saying they went to the Red Cross to know more about his health situation but they didn't get any answer

It is the 17th arrest of Amer, first time he was arrested when he was 14, he was getting arrested at the dawn from his house and was taken to investigations in al Maskubiye, used to be bailed out and transferred to house arrests

His family: "The arrest and the house arrest prevented Amer from school and he had to study late for the Bagrout (final exams) and a few days before the exams he was arrested and sent to a house arrest"

Zidani's family have another prisoner (Shaher Zidani 20 years old) he turned him self in at 14.11.12 and was sentenced for a year after he was charged in an attempt of stabbing

As well the Magistrate court extended the arrest of 3 other young men for investigations while the judge decided to release other 5 from Silwan

The lawyer Muhammad Mahmood mentioned the names of the extended ones: Wahid and Ahmad Ruweidi until next Sunday and Waseem Bader until next Monday

As well the lawyer said that the Magistrate court released: Muhammad al Rajabi, Tarek Shkeir, Ken'an and Khader Ruweidi after paying a bail of 500 NIS each and a house arrest until next Monday, and Younis Shweki same amount and a house arrest until Saturday

Wadi Hilwe's Information Center says that that the 8 of them were arrested on Thursday after a large forces raided citizen's houses and attacked the locals, including women and children