Many random Israeli forces in Silwan's street
February 19, 2013

The Israeli forces set on Monday afternoon random borders in the streets and the areas of Silwan giving away traffic tickets

Wadi Hilwe's Information Center cleared that their were 3 borders in Wadi Hilwe's street, 3 in Wadi al Rababe and searching points in Ein al Lawza, al Abassiye, Beer Ya'coub, al Boustan, al E'n and al Thoury, the Israeli forces used to stop the cars on a few borders, check the ID cards and give random tickets

Silwan's locals condemned the Israeli borders that are set by the police and the National Insurance and the taxes that waits for them all the time, the Israeli policy that causes the arrests of dozens , tickets, house raids.

Later on the Information Center said that the Israeli cars redrew from the streets and focused on the entrance of Wadi al Rababe after they were attacked by stones that broke their car windows in al Abassiye street