Raiding al Essawiye and arresting 2 men after demolishing the solidarity tent
February 18, 2013

The Israeli forces raided al Essawiye on Saturday after midnight at 02:30am and arrested 2 men then demolished the solidarity tent with Samer al Essawi that has been striking without food for 209 days, the tent is near the Arbain Mosque, and it is the 27 time that it was demolished

Eye witnesses said that the forces went to Shady al Essawi's house (the brother of Samer) raided it, searched it then arrested him, as well raided the house of the 2 other brother Firas and Medhat, they held all of them in one room then searched the houses

As well they raided the house of Mahmood Fayez Mahmood and arrested him, it is the 3rd time they arrest him during the last 2 months

The Information Center of Wadi ~Hilwe says that 3 sons of Haj Tarek a l Essawi are in the Israeli prison, Samer al Essawi arrested since July, Midhat since 15.5.12 and Shady was arrested today

شادي العيساوي

محمود فادي العيساوية

اقتحام العيسوية