Arrest of child Muslim Odeh extended
February 12, 2013

The Israeli court has extended the arrest of the 13 year old Muslim Odeh until next 19/02 to continue his investigations. He is accused of throwing stones, fireworks and molotov cocktails in Silwan.

They arrested him after raiding his house early in the morning in al Bustan, took him in a police car unaccompanied to investigate him in Al Maskubiye police station, East Jerusalem. During the trial the Israeli intelligence requested that his father, 54 years old al Sheik Mousa Odeh, is also investigated. Muslim Odeh has already been arrested 14 times withhis first arrest when he was just 9. Muslim has been arrested by undercover forces, his skull was injured a few times,and one time he was held for 2 days and was released under the conditions of a house arrest and staying away from his house. The Odeh family have not been able to rest this year. Relative Ibrahim Odeh was arrested for 2 weeks, then released under the conditions of bail and house arrest, and then their son Muhammad is still in detention.