Releasing Six Men From Jerusalem &Banning Another From the Old City
February 23, 2013

On Sunday a judge from the Magistrate court released Jerusalemites Alaa Haddad, Hamza Zg'ir, Ashraf al Hallak and Mousa Esele under bail conditions.

Alaa Haddad (a member of the Parents' Committee for the Prisoners of Jerusalem), Hamza Zg'ir and Ashraf al Hallak paid a 750 NIS bail each, signed a 5000 NIS bail and another 5000 NIS bail from a third person. They were arrested yesterday, Saturday 23rd February, from the Wad al Joz's area.

Lawyer Muhammad Mahmood from al Damir's organization says the judge of the Magistrate court also released 17-year-old Mousa Esele from al Essawiye. Conditions are a five-day house arrest and a third person bail out. Mahmood also confirmed that police released 19-year-old Mahmood Yehya Derbas and 28-year- old Khaldon Dari without any conditions. This morning the judge initially extended their arrest until tomorrow but police released them due to a lack of evidence. All were arrested from al Essawiye on Friday after being accused of throwing stones at Israeli forces.

Israeli police also banned 24-year-old Daya Hassan Yousef from the Old City for 15 days after he was held and investigated for 6 hours in al Qishle; he was arrested from his house in Bab Hatta