Jerusalem's Occupation's Municipality Organises Marathon Clashing with Palestinian Sport Activities
February 25, 2013

For the third consecutive year the occupation's municipality is organising "The National Marathon of Jerusalem” for the start of next month. In response, various Palestinian organisations have organised sports activities to coincide with the Marathon.

According to the al-Aqsa Organization for Waqf and Heritage, the municipality stated the “Marathon tells Jerusalem's story over the last 3000 years". It is sponsored by Israeli companies and organisations as well as some international ones; the main sponsor is the international sport company "New Balance", the Israeli Lottery & Winner.

In their statement, Al-Aqsa's organisation explained that the Marathon will include a few paths that will cross occupied Jerusalem, especially the Old City. The municipality is trying to connect the Marathon with the fabricated Hebrew Jewish History. They have been posting this alleged history online in many languages where they fabricate the landmarks of the true history of Jerusalem. In trying to create a new one, they are attempting to legitimise their "Claimed Temple".

Al-Aqsa organisation assured us that paths and stops in the Marathon were chosen carefully and titled "Let's discover Jerusalem" using fabricated facts. One such example is "The Historical Ruler" which talks about the eras of the first and second acclaimed temples; this describes a fantasy history of the Jews in the Sharaf area of the Old City which Israelis call "The Jewish area" nowadays. They talk about the Jewish heroic fantasies in David's Tower, which is actually the Castle Mosque. They also claim they have other locations in the Old City, such as the Kharab Synagogue and the Israeli Museum which has a huge embodied temple. This was created using a cheap design that clashes with the Islamic roots and Arabic history of the city.

According information from the municipality, the Marathon will start on March 1st 2013 from the Israeli Knesset and Israeli Museum. 1,700 participants from 52 countries and 17,000 of their Israeli counterparts are expected to compete. The marathon will be divided into different categorical lengths. These include:

Long distance at 42.2 km

Medium distance at 21.1 km

Short distance at 10 km

National at 4.2

The 800 metre distance

 In a reaction to this marathon a few Palestinian organization will be running a few sport activities such as soccer, a race and Dabkeh dance in a few locations.