Extending Arrests of 6 Jerusalemites, Releasing 3 Others & Exclusions from al Aqsa until Monday
February 26, 2013

On Monday Israeli police arrested four men for 24 hours and released two others. Simultaneously the main court extended the arrest of two men from al Essawiye. From the morning, tensions in the Old City run high as Israeli forces kettle worshipers inside the mosque and raid an Islamic orphan house. Extending Arrests According to Wadi Hilwe's Information Centre, the arrests and assaults made by Israeli forces on Monday were from Bab al Nazer and Al Wad street. 19-year-old Alaa Zg'er, 28-year-old Hijazi Abu Sbeih and Mahmood Abd al Latif were all held for 24 hours. Releases Under Condition The police released 22-year-old Ga'ith Nasser under the condition of a 15-day ban from al-Aqsa mosque. He was assaulted by the forces on Sunday morning whilst praying in the Qibli mosque; no reason was given. They tasered his face before taking him to Bab al Silsile and al Qishle for investigations. After five hours he was released under conditions. The police also released 17-year-old T'aer Raed Zg'ir under the conditions of a 15-day ban from al-Aqsa and signing a bail out. He was arrested from the grounds of al-Aqsa and beaten near al Nazer gate. His father, who tried to defend him, was also beaten and arrested. Raiding The House of Orphans' school The intellegancy forces and the Israeli forces raided Dar al Aytam in the old city of Jerusalem claiming that the students threw stones at the forces, they threatened to spray the principle with pepper but the principle (jamjum) didn't allow the to come in assuring them that all of the students are in their classes Extending Arrests of 2 Kids from al Essawiye The Main court extended the arrest of 16-year-olds Tarek Darwish and Fadi Elwan until next Wednesday for investigations. Lawyer Mumhammad Mahmood from al Damir organisation said the judge of the Magistrate court decided to release them on 700 NIS bail and under conditions of house arrest until 28th February 2013. However following the prosecution appeal, the judge decided to extend their arrest for further investigations.

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Photo By : Amer Abed Rabo