Extending Arrests of 10 from Jerusalem, Releasing 8 Others & Sentencing One Kid
February 21, 2013

On Wednesday 15-year-old Ali Mheisen from al Essawiye was sentenced to four months imprisonment by the Magistrate Court. He was arrested two months ago.

The Main court's judge refused to release 16-year-old Muhammad Raed Siyam on bail, claiming he is a risk to the nation's security. Raed's father said instead of releasing his son under bail and house arrest, the judge set another hearing for 27th February. At this hearing bail will be discussed again following a check-up with a doctor due to his ill health.

His father stated that the poor health was a result of his 14 day confinement in al Maskubiye's cells. Despite the judge asking for him not to be held there, the prosecution did.

Wadi Hilwe's Information Centre found out that Siywam was arrested in 18th January 2013 following a raid on his house in Silwan. The prosecution charged him with throwing Molotov cocktails at Bet Myuhes settlement.

The lawyer of the prisoner's club, Mufid al Haj, said the Magistrate court extended the arrests of four young men from al Essawiye. Murad Muhammad Mhesen will be held until tomorrow with no conditions after he was refused bail. Muhammad Maher Mhesen, Muhannad Anwar Abeed and Muhammad Dirbas will all be held until tomorrow; the latter was accused of attacking soldiers in al Essawiye.

The arrest of Mahmood Fayez Mahmood has been extended until next Wednesday by the court. The hearing was confidential, meaning his family were not allowed to be present. This investigation was in al Maskubiye cells.

The Wadi Hilwe Information Centre says the Israeli forces raided al Essawiye village this morning, delivering investigation orders to locals.

Lawyer Al Haj added that the Magistrate court released both Hassan Faraj and Yassin Sbeih under 500 NIS bail per person and with the condition of staying away from Damascus gate for 10 days.

The centre revealed the Israeli police started an operation of arrests in the Bab al Hatta area of the Old City. In consequence of the confrontations last week, 10 aged between 13 and 23 years were arrested. Wisam al Julani, Majdi al Ja'bari, Ali Ziyad Ibrahim and his brother Nasser are still being held.

20-year-old Ayman al Basti, 17-year-old Salah Shrefe and 22-year-old Muhammad Bayoumi were released following the dawn arrests made in their homes. Muhammad al Bashiti was also released on bail under conditions to stay away from the old city for 15 days. Ahmad al Julani and Tarek al Basti were also released under bail and 5 days of house arrest.