European delegation visits Silwan and Issawiya
March 2, 2013

The European delegation on Saturday a solidarity visit to the town and the village of Silwan, Issawiya, at the invitation of the Council of the European-Palestinian relations and the Committee of the families of prisoners and detainees Jerusalemites, and in coordination with the Wadi Hilweh Information Center -silwan, tent grove.

Annexation of the EU delegation member of the British Parliament and former minister Sir Gerald Kaufman, and organic Scottish Parliament Sandra White, and Jim Hume, as well as a member of the Irish Parliament Pat Sheehan-who participated in the hunger strike in 1981 in a British prison for 55 days Mttalih-, political and Scottish Pauline McNeill , he was accompanied by chairman of the Committee of the families of prisoners and detainees Jerusalemites Amjad Abu Assab, and committee member Munir Zughayyar, and were greeted in the tent, members of the Committee for the defense of Silwan land and real estate, and activists and heaped of town.

Ms. Mona Berbers as well as Murad Abu intercessor and Jawad Siyam briefed the delegation at the suffering of the people of Silwan because of Israeli actions aimed at people and property, and touched the targeting of children in particular, in the town, and arrested a manner contrary international and Israeli laws, imposing home their confinement, pointing to the arrest of in front of their schools as well.

They also talked about the dangers surrounding neighborhoods of Silwan, demolition of homes and entire neighborhoods, and the seizure of homes and land, and to prevent construction, lack of schools, poor services provided to residents, and explained for the Association settler Elad, which is working hard to expand in Silwan, stressing that the official Israeli institutions are serving settlement associations.

For his part, Munir Zughayyar speaking member of the Committee of the Families of prisoners and detainees Jerusalemites for the conditions of prisoners in Israeli jails, and narrowing them in all daily affairs, and impose various penalties, as he explained about the conditions of prisoners on hunger strike, and their health conditions deteriorating day after day.

In the tent Silwan delegation met with a number of children of Silwan, who had been arrested during the past years and impose them home confinement, deportation from their homes, and deprived of going to school.

Then, the delegation toured the Al-Bustan neighborhood, and look at the living conditions in the neighborhood, and the delegation visited the child's Muslims return imposed on him under house arrest for a month, and to explain a Muslim delegation from the arrested 14 times by the Israeli forces beat him, explaining the delegation that the first time he has been detained it was only 9 years.

The Muslim delegation pregnant with his hand and release paper from the police, provided home confinement: "The police gave me this paper instead of taking my degree from the school."

The delegation also met with the boy's father a Muslim, "Sheikh Musa return" who explained to the delegation about the suffering of his family since the beginning of this year, with the arrest of his three sons and daughter, and the imposition of home they confinement, and the announcement of his son Muhammad hunger strike, and wounding his wife with a rubber bullet at her, said Sheikh Return : "this is a small example of the suffering of the people of Silwan from the Israeli authorities."

The delegation visited Ms. Ruba return wife captive Mohammed Odeh, to check on their health status.

The delegation also met the citizen Ziad Zeddani, who sustained fractures in the blades chest after he was attacked by Alnhacon forces, adding the delegation that it has (Shaher and Amer) Iqavan in Israeli jails, adding that his son Amer's 17-year-old was arrested 17 times during the last three years, on charges different.

Speaking promised Ayyash sister martyr birthday Ayyash targeting Israeli forces and the security of the outpost to the children of Silwan, adding that her brother mid-May 2010 martyrdom, and did not reach the 15-year-old.

Visit Issawiyya

Then headed the delegation, accompanied by the crew and the Wadi Hilweh Information Center to house the prisoner Samer al-Issawi, where he briefed by his family, his health, and illustrated arrested in the first intifada and His will two years, and in 2000 was arrested again and sentenced to 30 years, spent them 10 years where he was released in exchange in October 2011 deal, and was re-arrested in July 2012 under the pretext of violation of terms of the deal, and announced a hunger strike at the beginning of August.

She noted his family to issue a Magistrates Court decision yesterday to arrest him for 8 months .. but that does not mean his immediate release on 03.06.2013, to the presence of another detention separately issued by the military court of the occupation in 'Ofer' in action is still interacting in military court .

Issawi delegation of the European family and demanded pressing Berlmanthm to work hard for the release of prisoners on hunger strike.

A member of the Irish Parliament Pat Sheehan on the need for the release of prisoners on hunger strike, and said: "The suffering of the families of the prisoners on hunger strike great food, cite when I had a hunger strike 55 days," adding that his arrest first was when he was 14 years old .

As Nasser arc director of Prisoners' Club in Jerusalem he demanded continually events of solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike from all official and popular bodies until they were released.

He called the EU delegation arc in the conclusion of his visit and tour of Jerusalem need for the release of prisoners on hunger strike.


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