An Israeli Officer Throws Korans on the Floor, Steps on Them and Assaults the Murabitat in al-Aqsa
March 3, 2013

On Sunday An Israeli officer assaulted women and disrespected the holy Koran.

Eye witnesses said the officer pushed one of the Murabitat, also kicking a chair which had the Koran on it. On top of this he attacked a 10-year-old girl, kicking her back whilst she was sitting down. He then kicked three Korans, stepping on them to create tension on the grounds of al-Aqsa.

 Crying during a phone call to the Aqsa Organization for the Waqf and Culture, student Anhar Ajloni recounted the events‪: ‪"In the morning we were sitting near the Burak mosque reading Koran‪, suddenly one of the soldiers ordered us not to sit there‪. We went to a different spot and he tried to move us again‪. We told him it is our mosque and we have the right to read Koran in it anytime and anywhere‪. He threw the Koran on the ground then stepped on it‪ with his feet; it was very painful to watch but we told him that we will defend the Koran and the mosque even if we have to pay with our lives."

 33 settlers‪, students and a Knesset member also made their presence known in al-Aqsa today‪. Eye witnesses spoke of their actions when they reached the Rahma Gate. Here they practiced their religion by laying on the ground before getting up in a form of temple salutation.

 Across the other side, an Israeli police officer threatened to arrest two women near Nazer Gate. One was Ayda al Sedawi who had previously been banned from al-Aqsa. Although her ban has ended, the police are attempting to prevent her entrance. Despite this, the two women ignored the officer.