Extending the Expulsion of al-Aqsa’s Administer Sheikh Najeh Bkerat for 6 More Months
March 4, 2013

The Israeli Defense Minister, Itzhak Ahronovich, ordered to prevent Najeh Bkerat from entering the mosque for six months under claims that he is a risk to national security. There were confidential reports which claimed that he is disturbing police work at al-Aqsa.

 Bkerat told Wadi Hilwe‪'s Information Centre that he was requested to al Maskubiye for investigation. Despite having an ban which just expired, Bkerat was given a new order from 3rd March 2013 until 3rd ‪September 2013. He was given a map which defines areas he cannot cross into; according to the map, he cannot go within 20 metres of al-Aqsa.

 He explained that this is the 9th order since 2003; last year he was even prevented from talking to the media. He condemned this order, explaining the danger lying beneath it as he cannot work‪ or follow the other workers in al-Aqsa. He was sentenced after he became the Administer for 35 days. Although he attempted to work in the offices, he was arrested under claims that he broke the order.

 He said that the order‪'s aim is to allow the Israeli authority interference in matters of the Islamic Awqaf. It also gives them more power to allow settlers to do as they wish in al-Aqsa. This move, he says, is more dangerous than raiding it; raids can last a few hours but keeping him away kills activity in al-Aqsa.

 He pointed out that:"It is a way to terrify the other workers‪. It is a false order as we have had the right to work in Jerusalem ever since we were born and raised here. We will never go away or surrender ‪"

He demands that the 2nd King Abdalla and the Minister of the Jordanian Awqaf condemn this order.