10 Jerusalemites had Arrests Extended & 15 Were Released
March 4, 2013

At dawn today the Israeli police arrested brothers Mahmood ‪(15‪) and Sufyan ‪(17‪) from the family of Ramadan Abid.

 The Magistrates’ Court judge extended the arrest of Mahmood Fayez Mahmood from al Essawiye until next Monday. Abed Odeh also had his arrest extended along with Muhammad Bader; both will be held until next Thursday. Silwan residents Khaled Shweki and Adli Marag‪'a will be held until until next Sunday‪; the hearings were confidential.

 Releases and Appeals

The Magistrates’ Court released 15-year-old Abida Amer Said from Bab al Hatta in the Old City of Jerusalem. He was released under a 3000 NIS bail and a 7000 NIS bail which required a third signatory‪. His release conditions include house arrest to his aunt’s house in Ras al Amoud until the parole officer submits his report.

Lawyer Mufid al Haj from the Prisoner‪'s Club explained that he was surprised about the release after the prosecution appealed against it. The hearing was set for Monday in the Main Court.

The Magistrates’ Court extended the arrest of Amjad Abu Sbeh following his arrest last Thursday. He was accused of participating in last Friday’s incidents. They extended his arrest until Sunday to check if he was working in Salaha al Deen Hotel during the incidents. Police claimed the hotel did not cooperate with them; the judge gave them 24 hours to check.

The Magistrates’ Court’s judge released Sahdy Tarek al Essawi from al Essaweye‪ under the 8000 NIS bail. The brothers Jamil and Mousa Mhesen were released under a 250 NIS bail each and 5 days of house arrest. Ayoub Abu Asab‪, Younes Eliyan‪ and Rami Mustafa were also released under 5 days of house arrest.

Alaa Abu Ryale was release in a 5000 NIS bail and house arrest until his hearing in April‪. He was arrested last month during the confrontations in al Essawiye.

Seven men - Mahmood Issan, Usama Jaber, Muhammad Mustafa Taha, Mousa Ahmad Salman, Ibrahim Mahmood Abed Rabo, Reyad Ismael and Walid Khaled Iliyan - were released from Beit Safafa after paying a bail of 2000 NIS each, agreeing to 3-day house arrests of 3 days and signing papers stating they will not participate in a non-legal demonstrations. They had all been accused of attacking the police and disrupting their work.


During a solidarity march near Road #4 in Beit Safafa on Friday, police arrested 10 men. Among them was a minor who was released today. During the arrest, police beat and attacked them with Tasers before taking them to al-Maskubiye.

Their hearing took place yesterday evening in the Magistrates’ Court. They were released without conditions but the release was delayed until today. During the hearing, 200 locals from Beit Safafa demonstrated against the arrests.

Two 19-year-olds, Zakariya Iliyan and Muhammad Yasin Taha, were released under 3-day house arrests during the solidarity stands; they had to pay a 1000 NIS bailout each.

Finally the Magistrates’ Court released Hamed al Sanglawi on a 500 NIS bail and 45-day exclusion from al-Aqsa. His brother, Ibrahim, had his arrest extended whilst charges against him are being prepared.


Lawyer Mufid al Haj said the Main Court set the hearing for 19-year-old Ehab Hamdan today. Hamdan, who is from Silwan, has been accused of throwing Molotov cocktails with a group of youth at Beit Myukhes settlement in Silwan on 5th January 2013. The hearing was postponed until 17th January 2013 with another new date being set.

Today Alaa Naser Abu Ryale turned himself for a three month imprisonment after spending almost a year under house arrest.