Trees uprooted and land taken in Shoufat for Road #21
February 26, 2013

Israeli authorities have uprooted around 50 trees in Shoufat, Jerusalem, in preparation for road number 21, according to the citizen Amer Abu Nea. Road 21 will connect the centre of the city to the settlements in North Jerusalem such as Ramat Shlomo Ramot and more.Israeli authorities are also planning to take between 8- and 100 acres from Shoufat.

Abu Nea said that a lawyer managed to stop the bulldozing and the uprooting until 20.2.13 so the locals had time to negotiate with the municipality. Abu Nea says that no one has been reimbursed for the land which has been taken.

The plan of the road is made by the municipality and the transportation company Moria and it includes a street with sidewalks, a path for the bikes, an underground water tunnel, lights, and trees.

شعفاط 21

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