Silwan: Israeli forces continue to raid the neighbourhoods
February 26, 2013

Workers from " Ha Gihon for water" company, accompanied by Israeli forces, took the water counters from a few houses in Silwan on Tuesday.

The Wadi Hilwe Information Center said that an operation of a collective punishment has been going on in Silwan for the last month. The operation includes arresting young people, giving random tickets to locals, tax borders on the entrance of the city, shutting the water supply off and raiding of houses and stores.

 Adnan Geith, the secretary of Fatah in Silwan, said that Israeli forces, alongside the intelligence unit and the Gihon for water workers raided the Wusta neighborhood in Silwa. They took the water counters from dozens of houses claiming they have debts, he said they did it without any warnings. Geith said that the Israeli authorities are committing a "Slow Transfer" against the citizens of Jerusalem to force them to leave by creating daily obstacles to normal life. They have also raided businesses in Silwan (stores, cafeterias and restaurants) and asked their owners to get new and expensive permits and licenses from the Municipality. Special forces also raided the Abu Sawi neighborhood in Ras al Amoud and Ein al Lawza in Silwan.

Eye witnesses said that Israeli forces have also recently raided Abu Sawi and special forces, alongside intelligence forces, raided the medical center of Ein al Lawza and the Orland supermarket in Ein al Lawza and confiscated cameras.

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