Releasing a young man and a reporter and exiling them from the Aqsa mosque
March 29, 2013

The Israeli police released on Thursday 2 young men from Jerusalem under the condition of staying away from the Aqsa mosque for 15 days under the charge of inciting and screaming Allahu Akbar in the mosque‪, their names are‪; A reporter and a photographer of the website Bab al Arab Wisam Hamude and Jamil al Abassi The reporter Hamude was arrested on Wednesday while he was in the Aqsa‪, and he told Wadi Hilwe‪'s Information Center ‪: After the noon prayer I was walking through Bab al Mutahara and an Israeli officer came and asked for my ID card then said that I am arrested‪, I tried to understand why then a few police men came and started dragging me‪, and because i was injured in my leg i couldn‪'t walk fast so they carried me in a violent way and took me to the police center in Bab Silsile and I was attacked physically by their hands‪, sticks and tazers‪, then i was taken to the investigation room then to al Qishle center then I was held in the Maskubiye so i can be presented to the Magistrate court on Thursday under the charge of inciting and screaming Allahu Akbar in the Aqsa‪" He cleared that he was released without being presented to the court, he ordered him to stay away from Aqsa yard for 15 days and signing a 5000 NIS bail out As well the police released Jamil al Abassi after holding him for a few hours in al Qishle center‪, he was arrested from al Asbat gates after leaving the Aqsa‪, as well he was ordered to stay away from the Aqsa for 15 days‪, signing a 5000 NIS bail and in addition they asked for the signature of a 3rd person