Prisoner Alaa Ali embraces freedom after 12 years with families ... and the day is hard for his family
April 4, 2013

Up Thursday evening Captive Conclave editor Alaa Ali to his house in the town of Ras al-Amud Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem, after he spent 12 years with families.
And received dozens of captured Jerusalem from the cadres of the Popular Front, and members of the families of prisoners and detainees Jerusalemites and the club captured, and his family and friends, and held captive Ali on the shoulders and raised Palestinian flags and banners of the Popular Front.
The freed prisoner Alaa Ali yesterday evening from Beersheba prison, after his "disappearance" since the morning, where he was expected to be freed prisoner from Nafha prison, but after the arrival of his family told them the prison administration that liberation, refusing to give any information about his whereabouts or an hour to release him, and forced the family and a bus recipients to return to Jerusalem without escort Alaa, visible on members of his family and loved the manifestations of grief and anger.
The family was forced upon arrival to Jerusalem to go to the Russian Compound in West Jerusalem, and after waiting a long investigation and asked the family to go to Using Nafha prison, and will contact them to tell them the whereabouts of their son captive, and has already received a call told the Alaa found in Beersheba prison. علاء العلي 1

علاء العلي 2