Settler Attacks Around Jerusalem
March 31, 2013

On Monday Wadi Helweh‪'s Information Centre reported three separate attacks by extreme settlers against the citizens of Jerusalem.

 The Centre confirmed these attacks occurred in the last few hours‪ of the day. The attacks were carried out on 16-year-old Muhammad Sultan al Kaswani‪, a store in the Old City owned by the Za‪g'ir family and the Shawish family in the Old City.

 The Centre has noticed that the attacks increase in number raise up during the Jewish holidays. Although this happens every year, there is no punishment to perpetrators from police.

 Attack on Muhammad al Kaswani

 The Information Centre confirmed that around 15 settlers attacked 16-year-old Muhammad Sultan al Kaswani this morning. Al Kaswani had been on his way to school when the attack took place.

 His uncle, Muhammad, said‪: ‪"While he was walking from his house in Silwan to his school, around 15 settlers attacked him by kicking and punching him‪. They caused injuries on his body, especially to his hands and eyes. He is being treated in hospital right now.‪"

 He explained that his nephew walked this route ‪(Don Gate and al Wad St‪.) daily to reach his school in Bab al Sahira‪. He was attacked near the stairs leading to the Silsila Gate which were empty at the time. He managed to get up and call his father‪. They pressed charges in Saladin Police Centre.

 Attacks on Owners and Damages to the Zag‪'ir Family Restaurant

 Another attack occurred around 1‪:30am when 40 settlers attacked the Zag‪'ir family. The broke equipment in the restaurant, ‪"Sandwiches and Sweets of al Amir‪", located on al Wad Street.

 Ehab Zag‪'ir said‪: “Dozens of settlers were walking after midnight in al Wad street on their way to the Burak Wall‪. They pushed my 15-year-old brother, Baraa‪. They then started cursing him and my other brother, Alaa, whilst they were cleaning the restaurant. Additionally they cursed Arabs. Locals gathered and a confrontation started‪. The settlers tried to enter the restaurant and to damage it. They lifted the fridge and threw it on the ground. When the police arrived, they didn‪'t arrest any of them, claiming they were drunk‪.”

 Raed explained that the police took his and Alaa’s ID cards. They were asked to attend an investigation in al Kishle Police Centre in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Attacks on the Shawish Family and Arrests  The final attack was against the Shawish family. Yesterday dozens of settlers raided their house in Sook Khan al Zet in the Old City. Um Munir‪ al Shawish confirmed that a few of the settlers who lives in al Shawish area raided their home. They claimed that they heard loud music from it. She explained that there were men and children in the house and asked the settlers (men and women) to leave. However they ignored her and more settlers came. They began cursing Arabs in general and cursing the Shawish family. They started pushing the women and used pepper spray on them. On top of this, they had sticks which they used to attack the family. Eim Mnir added: “The settlers called the police who then raided the house. They arrested 27-year-old son Manar, 25-year-old son Moneer and their 27-year-old neighbour Adnan Siyam. Sultan Shawish and his father were arrested too. They also requested to investigate me‪." Late at night police released members of the Shawish family. Manar had to pay a 3000 NIS and conditions to stay away from the Old City for two weeks. Moneer also signed a bailout. Um Munir was released after signing a 3000 NIS bailout. However she refused to stay away from their house in the Old City because she has two school-aged children. Abu Sultan and his son were released as well. Siyam, on the other hand, has had his arrest extended until today.

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