East Jerusalem resident demolishes a room in his house with his own hands
April 1, 2013

Jerusalem citizen Taysir Abu al Hawa demolished a room in his house in al Sawane, East Jerusalem after claims that it .was built without a permit

He says that he built it in 2005 and it helped to protect his family from leaking water.

It cost him around 100,000 NIS plus the costs of the trying to get the permits

In 2006 the family were informed that they had to get a permit or face demolition. However, they have failed to recieve a permit and instead have continued to be fined over 30,000 NIS ,about £5,000

Al Hawa said that his lawyer had managed to delay the demolition a few times but the family were faced with serious threats if they did not comply, such as a 2010 court ruling to arrest his wife.

There will be a municipal hearing to make sure he has demolished the room.

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