After drinking alcohol in the al Aqsa mosque yards… The special forces attacks the worshipers and arrests 10 of them
March 31, 2013

Sunday, special forces raided the yards of the al Aqsa mosque, attacked the worshipers and arrested 10 of them. Dozens of settlers then raided the al Aqsa mosque whilst celebrating the Passover holiday Witnesses told Wadi Helweh's Information Center that dozens of extreme settlers raided al Aqsa. When they reached al Rahme gate one of them began to drink alcohol and another settler tried to help her daughter to urinate in the yards. The Al Aqsa guards didn't allow her and started the Takbir (screaming Allahu Akbar). Physical confrontations then began between settlers and the Murabitin. Special forces raided the Aqsa mosque and attacked dozens of Palestinian worshipers with sticks, tazers and pepper spray. Ten people were then arrested and were lead to the police station in al Asbat gate The Islamic Waqf then closed the Dun Gate for the rest of the day A few of the arrestees names were revealed to Wadi Hilwe's Information Center: Khalil (60) Jasser Mahamid, Bilal Alkam, Amza Milhas, Mhammad Sabha and Khalil Abadi