Releasing Jawad Siyam Without Any Conditions
April 18, 2013

On Thursday the Israeli Magistrates’ Court released Jawad Siyam, the head of Wadi Hilwe‪-Information Centre, under bail. Lawyer Muhammad Mahmood from al Damir organisation said the Magistrates’ Judge released him after signing a 2500 NIS bail with a third signatory. The prosecution wanted to ask him to keep away from Damascus Gate, but the judge refused to allow that. Jawad was arrested on Wednesday after the march from Al Sultan Suleiman street where a few police officers chased him. They surrounded him before taking him to Saladin‪ Street Police Station. He confirmed that they accused him of ‪"Inciting to burn the Israeli flag‪, cursing an Israeli officer‪, causing problems in the Damascus Gate area‪". Jawad denied all charges against him. He added that he was beaten badly by police while cuffed‪. This took place in the rooms of the police station where there are no camera‪s, something that breaks Israeli laws‪. He was left with scars, noticeable when he was in front of the judge.