Confrontations and Arrests of 4 Young Men From Bab Al Asbat
April 26, 2013

 Friday evening confrontations between Israeli forces and locals of al Asbat Gate, near al-Aqsa Mosque, took place. Eye witnesses told Wadi Hilwe's Information Centre that confrontations started when forces tried to arrest a child. His parents attempted to protect him and were attacked and sprayed with gas as a result.

The witnesses said occupation forces hit civilians in al-Aqsa with guns and batons as they were leaving via Asbat gate following the night prayer. Many were also sprayed with pepper spray. One of those injured was Bahjat al Hashim who was violently attacked; his glasses were broken. He was one of those sprayed.

 A few young men were arrested. Among them was 29-year-old Jalal al Abassi. According to eye witnesses more than 20 officers attacked him; he was hit with gun barrels and repeatedly kicked. He was taken towards the cemetery and beaten again and left with heavy bleeding on his face. He was then transferred to Hadasa's hospital (Ein Karem).Three other men were also arrested.

 During these incidents, forces closed al Asbat Gate, preventing cars from passing.

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