Cars And Gardens Set Alight During Lag Baomer Celebrations
April 28, 2013

 Saturday saw the celebration of the Jewish Holiday Lag BaOmer. In Jabal al Mukabber area that evening, nine cars belonging to the UN were set on fire. According to sources, these were unused as they were parked in the Mandoub Sami Centre car park.

Similarly three gardens in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem were burned. They belonged to the al Mug'rabi, al Joani and al Khatib families. Muhammad al Mug'rabi said they were surprised to see flames and smoke whilst they were inside. When they went out to investigate, they found the fire was coming from the Mercedes car. They then moved the other cars. As well as this, 150-200 year old trees were also burnt and the 600 meter garden wrecked. Al Mug'rabi added that three family members suffered from smoke inhalation and were transferred to hospital for treatment. They were Hussiba Abdalla al Mug'rabi (65), Muhammad Abd Alla Kassem al Mug'rabi (44) and his brother Nidal (41).

 The electricity at the Hussiba Myg'rabi house was also damaged as a result of the fire. Muhammad al Mug'rabi confirmed that settlers set the fire in front of the house to celebrate their holiday. He wondered how the fire reached only Palestinian houses while none of the settlers' houses were damaged.

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