Young Man Injured By Bullet And 3 Others From Al Essawiye Arrested
April 24, 2013

According to Muhammad al Hums‪, the young Ebrahim Jwe‪'ad from Beer al Sabea - a member of the Following Committee in al Essawiye - received a stomach injury. This was following firing of live ammunition rounds by the Undercover Unit ‪(Musta‪'ribin‪). The shooting was random and occurred at a raid on the village‪ which took place during Ebrahim‪'s brother’s wedding. Abu Al Hums stated that "The members of the Undercover Unit shot more than 50 live bullets even though there was no shooting by the people at the wedding‪. The police’s claim is false.‪" According to eye witnesses, the Unit also arrested two children who were playing in the village playground. One was 13-year-old Akram al Tamimi. The other child arrested had a West Bank ID Card.