A raid on the house of prisoner Abdelraheem Abbasi and warning his family not to celebrate his release next Sunday
May 17, 2013

The Israeli forces raided on Thursday afternoon the prisoner Abdelraheem Khalil Abbasi’s father’s house and called his father and two brothers for investigation. The Abbasi family said that they were surprised of the Israeli forces raid on their house to call the prisoner’s father and two brothers for investigation in Al-Maskobyeh in west Jerusalem. The family also said that they were warned not to organize any kind of celebration or even raise flags in the streets while welcoming their son Abdelraheem, and that they will be arrested if they don’t obey. The 29-year old Abdelraheem is supposed to be released next Sunday after completing his entire sentence which is 3 years, knowing that he had spent 3 years between actual imprisonment and house arrest.