The release of the two children Qassam and Nasr Allah Al-A’war and their father
May 17, 2013

The Israeli police released the two children Qassam and Nasr Allah Al-A’war and their father after investigating them in Al-Maskobyeh. Eyad Al-A’war said that one individual from the Israeli intelligence attacked and hit him on his legs and ears after refusing to let him investigate his sons alone, and said: “upon our arrival to Al-Maskobyeh for investigation, the investigator attempted to take Qassam and Nasr Allah to investigate them, but I refused because of the fact of their young age; one man from the Israeli Intelligence came and took me to a different room and hit me leaving Qassam and Nasr Allah outside crying.” Eyad added: “while being in the investigation room under the charge of “obstructing the investigators’ work”, Nasr Allah was investigated and then Qassam, individually, about their cousin Shidad Al-A’war 15, who is arrested since the 5th of the current month.” He also noted that his cell phone was confiscated. The Israeli forces called the two boys on Thursday afternoon for investigation, after raiding their home in Ein Al-Lozeh neighborhood in Silwan. The boys are: 6-year old Qassam and 5-year old Nasr Allah Eyad Al-A’war. Al-A’war family said that individuals from the Israeli Intelligence along with other forces raided their house and attempted to arrest the two boys and take them to the police car by themselves. After the family refused, one of the Intelligence individuals agreed that they will be brought to Al-Maskobyeh room number 4 immediately by one of their family members. The family added: “their father took them for investigation, but the Intelligence refused to have him attend the investigation and after insisting, he was allowed to attend his son’s Nasr Allah’s investigation.” Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud from Al Dameer organization said: “this is an illegal procedure, and minor children should not be investigated, and any testimony taken from them could not be adopted according to the Law.” In a related matter, the Israeli forces raided the house of Shidad Al-A’war who is currently detained, and confiscated a computer; note that his arrest has been extended until Sunday knowing that he has been detained since the 5th of the current month.