Clashes in Jerusalem…..The arrest of six young men and injury of “Silwanic” photographer
May 19, 2013

Clashes broke out on Saturday afternoon between the Jerusalemites youth and Israeli forces in Nablus Street in Jerusalem. The Israeli forces arrested two young men, and the photographer of Wadi Hilweh Information Center, Majd Gheith, was injured in the earby shrapnel of sound bombs. The Information Center’s crews pointed out that the clashes began after the suppression of the march that started from Damascus Gate towards Nablus Street, where the for cessur rounded the participants and prevented them from advancing but the youth had blocked Nablus Street with waste containers. The Special Forces along with the Calvary unit pushed the participants and fired sound bombs towards them; they also used the water cannons to disperse them. Dozens of young men demonstrated at around 3 p.m. on the stairs of Damascus Gate in support of Al-Aqsa. The Israeli forces arrested 3 guys while walking in Alwad Street in the old city towards Al-Aqsa where 2 of them were identified and they are: Abdullah Abbasi 21, and 20-year old Suleiman Zaghal. Witnesses confirmed that the youth were able to complete their march and entered Al-Aqsa from Al-Majles gate. Naser Qos, director of Prisoner’s club in Jerusalem, said that the total number of Jerusalemites arrested on Saturday was six (men and children), and four of them have been released while the other two are still detained, and they are NadimIrfa’yeh and Mahmoud Hindi.