The Jerusalemite Nader Al-Sharif self-demolishes his house
May 19, 2013

Nader Al-Sharif was forced to self-demolish his house in Salah Eddin Street in Jerusalem; an implementation of the Jerusalem Municipality decision, under the pretext of building without a permit. His wife, Sahar Al-Sharif, clarifies that her family had to build two extra rooms (45 square meters) next to her old room between the years 1995-1996. A year later, the first demolition order was issued by the Municipality under the pretext of building without a permit; and during the last few years, other demolition orders were issued along with building violation fees, imprisonment and public service. She pointed out that her family was forced to turn the decisions of (imprisonment, and the imposition of public service) to fines, which incurred the family to pay large sums of money up to about 170 thousand shekels, between irregularities and financial penalties, and attorney costs. She also said that the police had arrested her two and a half years ago, and was released after paying a bail of 3500 shekels; she was also detained several times on Qalandia checkpoint. Sahar noted that the Municipal Court had given them until Saturday to demolish the entire house, or the municipality crews will demolish the house and the family has to pay the costs of demolition, and said: "We are working to demolish the house intermittently because we don’t want to injure any of the passers-by or cause any damage to the building (electricity and water). She clarified that she will go back to living with her family in the old room which is 11 square meters, and that her 4 children had put up a tent next to the house noting that they had built the extra 2 rooms 17 years ago due to the lack of room where they lived, but the municipality went after them since that day, knowing that 11 people live in the house where half of them are children. She also noted that the occupation forces consistently raided her house along with the municipality crews, and prevented them from renovating their house 4 years ago.  



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