Demolition of a house in Jabal Al-Masharef in Jerusalem
May 20, 2013

The Jerusalem Municipality’s bulldozers demolished the home of Tayseer Abdulrahman Sabbah Abu Sneineh in Al-Masharef neighborhood “French Hill” in Jerusalem. Tayseer Sabbah informed Wadi Hilweh Information Center that his family was surprised when the Israeli forces raided their home to execute the demolition order, without prior notice, noting that the Israeli bulldozers demolished his son’s, Mohammad Hazem Tayseer Sabbah, home which was 27 square meters that consisted of one room and its facilities, where 7 people had lived. Sabbah clarified that the family house is like a chain since 1963 –prior to the occupation of Jerusalem- in which him, his kids and their families live in, knowing that the occupation Municipality’s bulldozers had demolished parts of the houses 3 times (1982, 1998, 2013) and each time they would demolish a certain part of the house and he would rebuild it to protect his land which he owns and he has the official documents to prove it, knowing that he had demolished the house himself in 2010 and rebuilt it since it was not safe. He said: “the Israeli courts demolishes under the pretext of building without a permit on the “Jewish” land, confirming that he has the Jordanian permits for the house and land, noting that Israeli only wants to confiscate his land to establish a national park in the area.