Seven Jerusalemites are arrested…..and the raid of a restaurant, an internet cafe and several houses in Bab Hutta
May 27, 2013

Clashes broke out in Bab Hutta neighborhood which is very close to Al-Aqsa mosque between the Israeli forces and youths from Jerusalem. The number of detainees rose to seven and they are: Ra’fat Ajloni, Jihad Abu Khroub, Husam Sider, Ammar Alrazem, Isam Alqabani and his brother Rami and Sameer Abu Rajab. The Israeli forces randomly fired rubber bullets and sound bombs in Bab Hutta injuring several young men. Witnesses said that the clashes began after stopping one of the passers-by and provoking him resulting into verbal altercations, and then the forces beat him severely; and when the other young men stepped in to help him, they were also attacked and assaulted. They attacked Ra’fat Ajloni injuring him in his head. After arresting him, he was transported to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, while Husam Sider was taken to Al-Esawyeh Hospital for treatment after being arrested. The forces also attacked Nabil Abu Khroub who is in his sixties and sprayed him with pepper gas, he was then transported to hospital for treatment; his son Jihad was also attacked and arrested. The Israeli forces raided an internet café and attacked the boys who were inside and forced them to get out and stand outside the shop where they were beaten by batons, hands and legs, knowing that they were between 7-12 years of age. The 58-year old Jihad Muhtaseb got wounded with a rubber bullet while working inside Hutta Gate and was transferred to the hospital; the police then closed Hutta Gate “one of Al-Aqsa gates” and prevented the prayers from entering to perform the night prayer. They also raided several houses in Bab Hutta and damaged their doors and broke the windows. Among the houses that were raided: the house of Hasan Yousef, Alqabani, Alrazem and Najib. The forces also closed Lions’ Gate Street and prevented the cars from passing. The police completely closed Lions’ Gate which is one of the main gates of the Old City and prevented the residents from going through, knowing that their houses are inside the Old City.  

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