With photos…clashes in Bab Hutta and the closure of Lions’ Gate
May 27, 2013

Wadi Hilweh’s Information Center staff in Silwan spotted the Israeli limitations and deployment in the neighbourhood of Bab Hutta, and the closure of Lions’ Gate, in addition to arresting several residents and young men and preventing them from getting to their home. The Center’s crews were prevented from reaching Bab Hutta neighbourhood where there were violent clashes between soldiers and youths.  


اغللاق باب الاسباط

الاسباط 2

باب الاسباط مغلق

باب الاسباط

باب ح

باب حطة احتجا

باب حطة عتاد

باب حطة قوات

باب حطة منع

باب حطة

حرس حدود باب الاسباط

حرس حدود

قوات اسرائيلية باب الاسباط

قوات اسرائيلية

قوات باب الاسباط

قوات باب حطة