Continuous raids of Al-Aqsa Mosque… and the arrest of one of its guards
May 29, 2013

Two Israeli officers raided the Dome of the Rock on Tuesday morning. Witnesses said the two officers raided the mosque by force as they were faced by the guards who were present at the door. They arrived at the Fusayfisa’ repair location and tried to go up the repair ladders. They also provoked the workers and employees of the Construction Committee and checked the ID of Mohammad Alqam and handed him a call-up letter to go to Al-Qishleh police station. In the early morning hours, the police arrested guard Samer Qweider after stepping in to prevent one extremist from performing his religious rituals in front of Al-Marwani chapel. On Monday, seventy female soldiers wearing military uniforms in addition to around 10 individuals from the Israeli investigations raided Al-Aqsa Mosque through Dung Gate. Last Sunday, three Israeli female extremists tried to raid Al-Aqsa Mosque through Lions’ Gate around 6 p.m. but they were faced by the guards and ended up performing their religious rituals at the outside door of Dung Gate. Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage said in a statement released last Sunday that the Knesset member representing Likud party and his deputy who is the minister of transport raided Al-Aqsa Mosque amid very high security, they were also accompanied by some relatives and Rabbis and that was one day before his marriage.