The release of 11-year old Seif Rweidi on condition of house arrest
May 29, 2013

The Israeli force released on Tuesday afternoon the 11-year old Seif Ghaleb Rweidi, after investigating him for a few hours in Salah Eddin police station. Seif’s mother said that the Israeli police imposed house arrest on her son in his house in Silwan until the 30th of June, 2013 as they charged him with throwing stones and empty bottles on settlers in the village of Silwan. Seif’s mother explained that individuals from the borders police kidnapped her son on Tuesday morning as he was on his way back home coming from school with his 15-year old sister. The police car was passing in the street and suddenly stopped in front of the tent in Bi’er Ayoub and two individuals from the police started chasing Seif. He tried to escape but they finally got him and slammed him against the wall injuring him in his thigh. She also said that his sister started shouting and crying as she was worried about her brother who was telling her “tell my father”. Seif’s father rushed to Al-Maskobyeh in west Jerusalem, and an hour after the arrest he received a call to inform him that Seif was detained in Salah Eddin Street police station. Along with Seif’s mother, he headed to see his son and after waiting outside the mother was allowed to go in and attend her son’s second investigation. She said: “I attended the investigation with Seif and had to sign a paper not to interfere in the investigation, whether by word or reference. She noted that the investigator accused her son of throwing stones and empty bottles on settlers in the village, which led to the injury of one settler. He also asked him questions about times of leaving and going back to the house as well as question related to his friends trying to scare him. Seif’s mother noted that the police investigated her son alone before allowing her to attend the investigation which lasted for four hours.