Sabotaging cars and the writing of racist slogans in the neighbourhoods of Lafatweh and Shu’fat in Jerusalem
May 30, 2013

Settlers damaged the tires of four cars on Wednesday early morning hours in Lafatweh neighbourhood in front of the “white statue-French Hill” in Jerusalem. Mohammad Abu Ta’a said that the cars belong to the families of Abu Ta’a, Hazzaz Alhadi and Sabreen Milad. He also said: “the surveillance cameras in the neighbourhood showed four settlers coming into the area at around 3 a.m. and damaging the tires using a screwdriver, in addition to spraying racist writings that said “Avitar Revenge”. He said the settlers were in civilian clothes and had the “kippa” on their heads, noting that the settlement of “Ramat Eshkol” is very close to their neighbourhood and they are continuously harassed by settlers as they raid the neighbourhood and assault the children. In a separate incident, settlers damaged the tires of three cars in Shu’fat and sprayed a racist slogan on a wall saying “Israeli blood not….”  

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