The occupation demolishes two apartments in Beit Hanina belonging to Salaymeh family
May 30, 2013

The Jerusalem Municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Wednesday morning two apartments belonging to the family of Salaymeh in Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem. The Israeli forces surrounded the house that contains two apartments and prevented the residents from getting close. They then raided the house and forced a lady and her two children to leave; then they emptied the house and uninstalled the water, gas and electricity pipes and installations. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the two apartments belong to Badran Salaymeh and his son Ala’ and they were built on the family’s land which is 1080 square meters in the year of 2000. Badran explained: “we built in 2000, and two years later the municipality issued an order to confiscate the land to be used for public facilities. I tried to obtain a building permit but to no avail, knowing that a building violation fee of 250 thousand NIS was imposed and I have been paying it until today, clarifying that the last court session was March of last year.” He added: “they suddenly came today, and we were at a relative’s place helping him with the preparations for his son’s wedding and only my daughter in law and her two children were home. I received a call from the neighbours informing me that the house is surrounded.” Before the demolition process, verbal altercations occurred between the residents and the Israeli occupation forces which attacked most of the people present at the scene. Badran said: “I tried to go into my house to take our own papers and documents, my wife’s gold and my money but the Israeli forces prevented that and pushed me away which resulted into verbal altercations.” He noted that ten individuals live in the house, where the first apartment is 170 square meters and the second is 100 square meters. The land planted with productive trees and plants was completely bulldozed.