The arrest of 12 Jerusalemites from Al-Sa’dyeh neighbourhood
May 30, 2013

The Israeli forces arrested on Thursday early morning hours 12 Jerusalemites from Oqbat Shidad in Al-Sa’dyeh neighbourhood in the old city of Jerusalem. The detainees are: Mohammad Ghosheh 21, Mohammad Halawani 19, Maher Baytouni 20, Hammoudeh Baytouni 19, Anas Afaghani 21, Issa Mit’eb 13, Ala’ Makkyeh 19, Abdullah Abu Diab 18, Mohannad Eid 17, Aboud Ja’bari 16, Mahmoud Khatib 20, and Mahmoud Tiryaqi. One of the detainees’ parents said that the process of arresting occurred between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. where the Israeli forces brutally raided the houses and searched them after breaking some of the houses’ doors. While the detainees were being investigated in Al-Qishleh police station, the police accused them of throwing stones and fire crackers at Israeli forces in addition to breaking surveillance cameras.