Settlers try to seize an apartment in Shu’fat that belongs to Jaber Family
June 1, 2013

Extremist settlers tried to seize on Thursday night an apartment in Shu’fat, north of Jerusalem, under the pretext of having an order from the court. The 160-square meter apartment belongs to Jamal Jaber and is part of a building that has four apartments. Jaber explained that the apartment was rented out before the year 1967 to a foreign family, which later on found to be Israeli, and according to the “protected tenant” law, they were unable to evacuate them which left the family and their servant living in the apartment all those years. Jaber added: “Eight months ago, the tenant passed away; his way had passed away before him and their sons had left the apartment, but we were not informed. We also found out that the Israeli servant comes to the apartment every once in a while and refuses to leave it.” He continued: “We went to the Israeli Magistrate court two months ago, and the court issued a decision which ordered the Jaber family and the Israeli family not to use the apartment until the final decision is made,” noting that he went to the apartment on Thursday to change the locks and was surprised to find the servant who refused to leave, knowing that the she is in no way related to the Israeli family but is still living in the apartment; she then called some settlers who came right away and tried to seize the apartment.

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He added: “the police came to the apartment and evacuated the settlers, while the Israeli servant will stay until the court makes the final decision.” Tags: Settlers Assault