Sentencing six young men….and extending the arrest of 13 Jerusalemites and the release of a boy
May 31, 2013

The Magistrate and District courts sentenced on Thursday six Jerusalemites to actual imprisonment and extended the arrest of 13 others and released one boy. Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud from Al-Dameer organization said that the Magistrate court sentenced Mahmoud Rajabi for 3 months of actual imprisonment on charges of throwing stones, and Walid Mheisen for 10 months, while Ali Obeid was sentenced for 8 months. He also said that the District court sentenced Samer Farroukh for 6 months of actual imprisonment and Wisam Obeid for 34 months on charges of belonging to the Popular Front and the possession of weapons. Mahmoud Zidan was sentenced for 10 months. The Magistrate court also decided not to convict Mohammad Abu Rayaleh, but imposed on him a fine of 500 NIS. It also postponed the sentencing of Mansour Naser and Anas Darwish until the 2nd of October, 2013. The District court extended the arrest of Eyad and Shadi Al-A’war until next Sunday to either release them or extend their arrest one more time, as the prosecution’s evidence were challenged in Thursday’s session. The Magistrate court extended the arrest of Mohammad Ghosheh 21, Mohammad Halawani 19, Maher Baytouni 20, Hammoudeh Baytouni 19, Anas Afaghani 21, Ala’ Makkyeh 19, Abdullah Diab 18, Mohannad Eid 17, Aboud Ja’bari 16, Mahmoud Khatib 20, and Mahmoud Tiryaqi until next Sunday, knowing that they were all arrested from Al-Sa’dyeh neighbourhood on Thursday’s early morning hours. The Magistrate court’s judge decided to release the boy Issa Mit’eb 13, on condition of house arrest for 3 days and deportation to the village of Beit Hanina.