The release of 13 Jerusalemites on conditions of deportation from their homes… and the extension of arrest for one Jerusalemite
June 1, 2013

The Israeli police released on Sunday 13 Jerusalemites with a bail and on conditions of house arrest for some and deportation for others; the District court extended the arrest of Eyad Al-A�war 42, until the legal procedures against him are finished. The police released Mohammad Ghosheh 21, Mohammad Halawani 19, Maher Baytouni 20, Hammoudeh Baytouni 19, Anas Afaghani 21, Ala� Makiyeh 19, Abdallah Abu Diab 18, Mohannad Eid 17, Abdelmutee Ja�bari 20, Mahmoud Khatib 20 and Mahmoud Tiryaqi with a bail of 500 NIS for each and with house arrest and staying away from their homes for two weeks, knowing that they were arrested on Thursday early morning after raiding their homes in Al-Sa�dyeh neighbourhood in the old city of Jerusalem. They also released the boy Mahran Ja�bari 12, with a bail of 500 NIS and house arrest, knowing that he was arrested last Friday morning. The District court Judge decided to release Shadi Al-A�war 16, with a bail of 3000 NIS, house arrest and deportation to Jabal Al-Mukabber until the court date. Salah Eddin Street police also called 16-year old Naser Tawil to investigate him after a settler had filed a claim against him claiming the he had spit on her; he was then released with no conditions.