Magistrate court holds a session to discuss the settlers’ claim against Al-Silwadi family
June 1, 2013

The Israeli Magistrate court held on Sunday a session to discuss a claim filed by settlers against Al-Silwadi family accusing them of building retaining walls on their land. Eyad Yassin told Wadi Hilweh Information Center: “the Magistrate court held a special session today to discuss settlers’ claims that we built retaining illegal walls and without a permit on their land in Silwan”, noting that the settlers were offered a deal during the session to self-demolish the walls, but we refused and insisted that the walls are built on our lands. He added: “when we refused, the judge threatened us with actual imprisonment, penalties and building violation fees, in addition to the execution of the demolition by the municipality’s crews and paying the costs of demolition along with all the court’s costs.” Al-Silwadi explained that the settlers tried in 2005 to seize two houses and pieces of land belonging to the family located in the mid neighbourhood of Silwan, and said: “we were able to prove ownership of the property in 2009 after we headed to the Israeli archive and departments, which confirmed our purchase of the property before the year 1948 from the Yemen Jews, and this was after holding several session in the Israeli courts.” He added: “in the same year (2009), the settlers filed another claim against us which was the building of retaining walls on lands that they claim to own.” He noted that the judge gave the settlers’ lawyer and our lawyer until the beginning of September to submit their evidences in order to make a decision.